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For ANY emergency, after calling 911, call Matt Charboneau 663-5949, Pat Maslowski, 461-3870 or Shirley Miller 663-4801

Storm Mountain Emergency Response Team

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View Web Cam
For obvious security reasons, the location of this webcam will not be disclosed. However, should you be interested in SEEING the weather data LIVE, check this out during any daylight hour.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our organizational chart. Our Articles of Incorporation.

Our community is nestled in the foothills just east of Rocky Mountain National Park. A 3,500 foot elevation gain makes this relatively small community geographically extreme. It is one of a growing number of communities in the west that are classified as wildland urban interface.

WUI is the zone where structures meet and intermingle with wildland or vegetative fuels. Its one of the most dangerous and complicated situations firefighters face.

Wildland Urban Interface zones have grown, nationwide, to an area larger than the state of California, posing tremendous risks to life, property (12.5 million homes) and infrastructure. Read more here.

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PO Box 73
Drake, CO 80515

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