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Storm Mountain Emergency Traffic Assistance Team

SMERT member directs traffic

It’s difficult to think “Who should I call?” and “Where are the numbers?” when faced with a crisis. You need to direct all your attention to the emergency at hand. This is the idea behind our phone tree.

SMERT wants you to call only 2 numbers:

First call 911 (and be sure to tell them you are calling from Larimer County if you’re using a cell.)

Then call Matt Charboneau 663-5949, Pat Maslowski 461-3870 or Shirley Miller 663-4801. If you reach one of those folks, you have started the process. It’s as simple as that.

Our purpose is to provide procedures and a team of folks ready to assist emergency services personnel to their destinations without getting lost on our narrow, twisty roads. Our knowledge of our area roads is essential. We will be deployed by SMERT to mark the roads. All emergency crews recognize the flagging tape used at our intersections to point the direction from the “T” to the scene of the emergency. E.T.A. also ensures others do not block the roadway with vehicles. The Emergency Services vehicles are wider than regular cars and trucks and need every inch of our narrow roads to maneuver.

Shirley and Bill McKenna have stepped down from actively LEADING this group. They will always be available if needed, but Pat and David Maslowski are now heading up this team.

Pat and David are the first team to be called when emergency traffic assistance is needed. Shirley and Bill McKenna’s efforts in establishing a smoothly operating team have paid off many times in the past few years, greatly reducing the confusion in locating the destination of the emergency. ETA has literally made the difference between life and death for several folks. Their preparation and help have earned them the respect and cooperation of emergency services personnel in all local response areas.


Current ETA participants are Pat and David Maslowski, Bill and Shirley McKenna, Steve and Teresa Murdock, Bill and Harriette Whittaker, Ken and Jane Rushing, Chuck and Cathy Cleveland, and Rich and Shirley Miller and Karen Hentges..

Mailing Address

PO Box 73
Drake, CO 80515

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